We strive to live a more sustainable lifestyle, and empower others to do the same. Through education and experience, we hope to inspire others and future generations to live with an awareness of the Earth. We believe that as a species, we hold the awesome responsibility of a reciprocal relationship with Nature.

Come Join us and Learn!

Short-term rentals to begin Fall, 2019.

We are located at Hamilton Pool Road and Hwy 12 in Dripping Springs, Texas


Jessi is an Austin, TX native with deep Hill Country roots

Shawn & Jessi Bostad


From pipe dream to reality, Shawn and Jessi have always dreamed of building a sustainable retreat-space that would educate and inspire others to thrive in an a eco-friendly future.

After visiting the Doe Bay Retreat on Orca’s Island in the Puget Sound, they felt the need to create a similar space for others to enjoy a sustainable and simpler existence, and empower the next generation to live with a climate change and Earth Awareness through self-sustainable empowerment.


Cruz & Jet Bostad


Cruz & Jet are energetic Earth lovers, growing up in a rapidly changing world. They are the future, and are learning the skills needing to live sustainably and eco-friendly!